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Vitamin A

Spicewell Stories - Vitamin see Series

Welcome to Vitamin See: a blog series where every fortnight, we at Spicewell will shed some light on the essential vitamins we all need in our diets to stay healthy and happy.

We know it’s not always obvious where your vitamins are coming from and what wondrous things they do for our bodies. We know they’re good, but in what ways? And what do I need to eat to benefit from them?

Don’t worry. By following along with us, we’ll help to demystify the story of each vitamin one-by-one, helping you on your path to a more nutritious, vitamin-rich diet with Spicewell. We're kicking off our Vitamin See series with Vitamin A.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a bit of a superstar, providing a wide range of nutritional support for our bodies, including eye health.

There are two forms of vitamin A. While one of them — preformed vitamin A — occurs exclusively in animal products, the other — provitamin A carotenoids — are abundant in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and oils. Spicewell sources its Vitamin A from sweet potato and spinach.

Plant-based provitamin A carotenoids have excellent antioxidant properties that help fight “free radicals” — highly reactive and potentially damaging molecules that create oxidative stress, linked to various chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Diets that are high in carotenoids such as plant-sourced Vitamin A are associated with lower risk of many of these conditions.

Getting Your Nutritional Needs With Spicewell New Salt And New Pepper

That’s why at Spicewell, we pack our products with 10 percent of all the vitamins you need — including Vitamin A — to make sure your body’s set to win, without the need to change your dietary habits. (That’s unless you’ve never used salt and pepper before!)

What’s even more great is that all of our vitamins are sourced organically from raw vegetables and fruits, so there’s no need to worry about where your ingredients are coming from. We even test our ingredients on the regular to make sure its free of toxic heavy metals and pesticides. So don’t worry health fanatics — we’ve got your back!

Better health and wellness await. Who’s in?
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We have a vision of everyone eating more healthfully, and we hope you’ll join us. We would love to be a small part of that journey and help your pantry become your medicine cabinet. Thank you for your support as we are just getting started!

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