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Vikki Krinsky

Spicewell Stories - Five questions with Series

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We’re back! You’ve landed on our popular series 5 Questions With…, where we chat with world renowned foodies — chefs, food writers, doctors, nutritionists — to get their take on the best foods for home remedies, nutrition, and despite their steadfast healthy lifestyles, what their go-tos are for comfort and cravings!

Whether you’re hungry to improve your vitamin and mineral intake, or striving towards a low sodium diet, we hope 5 Questions With will help inspire you.

And so without further delay, here’s Hollywood and CBS chef Vikki Krinsky.

About Vikki

Vikki Krinsky is a personal chef for Hollywood’s A-list actors and personalities. Chef Vikki’s culinary education began when she took a trip abroad, and serendipitously met a chef on a train. Soon after she was able to apprentice in kitchens across Europe. By understanding and relating to the pressures her clients face being in the public eye, Vikki is able to cultivate trust and create balanced meals for each of her clients by making food as delicious as it is nutritious.

She can currently be seen on the Emmy-nominated show, Recipe Rehab, promoting healthy, wholesome ingredients and demonstrating how a few modern changes can transform a family favorite into an even healthier meal.

1. What's in your pantry right now? What are some of your go-tos for wellness and for flavor?

At all times I keep flax oil, local honey, flaky sea salt, unsalted cashews, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts. Also high quality extra virgin olive oils (California, Greek & Italian varieties).

Fridge staples include avocado, unsweetened plain kefir, apples, blueberries, lemons & celery!

2. What's your favorite comfort food? No judgments!

Cream of wheat with butter and honey.

3. What is your go-to home remedy using spices, foods or herbs?

Ginger! Freshly puréed ginger is my golden ticket :)

4. Tell us about one experience where nutrition changed your life.

Hmm… I think removing dairy proved to be emotionally disappointing but physically rewarding…much less inflammation.

5. What's one health or nutrition tip you would recommend to our readers?

Drink more water before and after meals. We tend to be dehydrated when we think we are hungry. A small glass of water 10 minutes before meals can help slow down your pace, which in turn leaves you fuller faster.

Want More From Vikki?

You can catch Vikki on Recipe Rehab, airing weekends on CBS, or stream via Hulu.

She’s also over on Twitter and Instagram.

Try pairing one of her delicious recipes with Spicewell’s low-sodium Superfood Salt and Pepper (also the best healthy gift for a loved one!)

Better health and wellness await. Who’s in?
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