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Get Our Pocket Sea Salt with Every Purchase of $40!

We have a delightful gift waiting for you! Add our sustainable pocket sea salt product (valued at $15)  for your purchase of at least $40 and simply use code BlackFridayGift at checkout. You'll receive the pocket sea salt as a complimentary gift - which is basically $15 off your $40 purchase!

Use Code: BlackFridayGift
Terms and Conditions Apply: Cannot be Combined with Other Discounts or Free Shipping.

Why Sea Salt?

Originally gifted as a tribute to Aztec kings - this salt has been harvested by hand in Mexico in the same fashion for hundreds of years. Summer rains wash the rich minerals off the Sierra Madre range filling seaside lagoons, eventually bursting past sand barriers, fusing with the salty Pacific Ocean. As heat evaporates the lagoons, farmers hand form calcium drying ponds and rake in the crunchy, savory white gold.

Healthy and flavor enhancing, use on your table for savory cooking, rimming margaritas, finishing steak and fish or anything else you can think of. This portable 2oz format let's you bring it to all your meals no matter where you go, like a true salt addict.

I love this sea salt! It's naturally healthy compact with minerals. No other chemicals and heavy metals. This is the best as I am a health-oriented person! Will definitely order for more. It goes so well with the New Pepper and New Salt we use daily. 

- Zoe Harris

How to Redeem Your BlackFridayGift Discount

Simple Steps to Maximize Your Savings

  1. Explore our wide range of products and add your favorite items to your cart. Your minimum cart value should be $40.
  2. Add our pocket sea salt to your cart.
  3. When you're ready to check out, enter the code BlackFridayGift in the promo code field.
  4. Watch the magic happen! Your $15 pocket sea salt will be automatically updated to be $0. Complete your purchase and wait for your Black Friday gift to arrive at your doorstep and enjoy THE BEST, CLEANEST SEA SALT EVER.

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