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Tiffin Drops Are Here

Instapot dhal with Spicewell Salt and Pepper, with delicious aloo gobi and jeera rice?

These were the contents of our first-ever Tiffin Drop, which we delivered to Mindy Kaling, Richa Moorjani, Noora Raj Brown, and more. Want in on the next one? Buy one of our duo packs to enter.

Want In On The Next Tiffin Drop?
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“The Salt And Pepper That Mindy Kaling, Freida Pinto And Editors At Goop Are Raving About”

A Superfood Duo Is Your Ticket To A Tiffin Drop

Our bestselling Superfood Duo is what you need to be entered into winning your own tiffin filled with goodness.

Better health and wellness await. Who’s in? Check out our shop and stock up on the healthiest pantry

We have a vision of everyone eating more healthfully, and we hope you’ll join us.We would love to be a small part of that journey and help your pantry become your medicine cabinet.Thank you for your support as we are just getting started!

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