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Coastal Chef Collection

  • Our sea salt set is hand harvested from our partners in Mexico.
  • Get both our convenient and beautifully sustainable Pocket Sea Salt and our compostable 5oz Pouch to refill it with, and save!
  • Spicewell superfood products are proudly low-sodium and contain 21 plant-derived vitamins & minerals.
  • Also includes tea towels, designed in Spicewell's signature arch motif which symbolizes protection, rebirth, strength and stepping through to see what's on the other side - a perfect metaphor for getting healthier in the kitchen! Comes in a set of two.

Crispy Crunchy Clean

Our family can not get enough of this plastic free salt. Its PERFECT from a flavor perspective and we love the crunch y finish.


Lots of FLAVOR!!

And lots of FUN! Try them with all kinds of your favorite foods - or even non-favorite foods. They may soon become a favorite.


Very Modern!

I love the deigns for this Superfood Shaker Duo as they are very modern. With funky and vibrant colors. I am happy with my purchase. I will definitely buy for more!

-Alexa Clarke

Why our Sea Salt is the best?

Summer rains wash rich minerals off the Sierra Made mountains into seaside lagoons, eventually bursting past sand barriers to mix with the Pacific Ocean, capturing the minerals and flavors of the sea, land and sky.

As the water recedes and the heat dries out the lagoons, farmers form calcium drying ponds on hand rubbed limestone clay beds, then rake in the crunchy, savory white gold.

Healthy and flavor-enhancing, use our Sea Salt for elevated cooking, for the perfect finishing salt at your table and as the ideal rim for a margarita. Your purchase enables us to support a family run co-op and certified B Corp that preserves this traditional method of salt drying.

Fairtrade, Plastic Free Fully Compostable Packaging.

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